There are some moments in a cake artist’s life that truly cannot be complete without sharing.

My best friend got married a few days ago in a city about 300 kms away from Delhi (which is where I operate my kitchen), and I decided to make her a wedding cake of her choice, irrespective of the distance! What followed was something pretty unusual..

Since the wedding decor was a Moroccan theme with a peach and gold color combination, we knew the cake would have to be in tune with it!!

Things from across all borders were ordered to make this one special, the groom brought along the cake topper all the way from NYC, Moroccan pattern cutters were ordered from Etsy in Singapore!!

While all this was easily doable and is an everyday occurrence in the life of a Cake Decorator, there were 2 really big issues that I had to take care of:

  • The transportation
  • And the toughest of them all, how my fondant covered decorated cake would survive 48 hours before finally being cut at the wedding (see I had to make this ahead of time and bring to Jaipur with me to attend the wedding celebrations)

The solution:

  • Since I was taking a flight, I had to send the cake with a friend who was travelling by car. The cake was stuck at the base with royal icing so it would not move under any normal circumstances (barring crazy jerks that the car could potentially go through on the highway)
  • I knew it would be a bigger issue to send 2 tiers separately an an even bigger one to assemble these at the venue. So I came up with the best solution ever, I decided to do a huge 3 kg bottom tier, and the top tier was a dummy decorated and wrapped carefully in cling (to avoid any issues with dust)
  • Now for the toughest of them all, ensuring the taste of the cake is not compromised in this long time gap between decorating and finally cutting the cake. The solution was two fold:
  1. Choosing the right flavor: I chose to do an Eggless dark chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache. There was no buttercream element in my cake
  2. Maintaining the temperature: The cake was stored in an air-conditioned environment at all times. It was not exposed to any extreme changes in weather (and this was not an easily achievable task in the peak summer months in North India)

It’s not over yet, “what’s a wedding cake without flowers?”, but this task would again be tough to achieve with sugar flowers as they could have been damaged during the journey! ¬†Enter “fresh flowers”, made this our “something borrowed” from the florist at the wedding :p

I chose to go with roses as they are edible (just in case), these were washed and clipped in advance and kept in water to make sure they don’t die. Also, they were bunched up in a small ball of fondant which was in turn stuck to the cake/ dummy, to avoid any direct contact with the cake.

The cake was assembled at the venue and to my surprise and good fortune, it tasted every bit as good as a freshly baked one.

There is something I have truly realised over the past few months in my profession and also after watching a lot of close ones get married, we are in the business of making someone’s big day special (whether it be a cake decorator, a florist or the makeup artist) and things can go wrong many times with this, but the only way to achieve complete success is not just through hard work but also in truly feeling the joy that the couple shares on this big day and realising how every little thing that we do can make such a big difference in the lifetime full of memories that they will associate with this day..

So without much further to do, I give to you the Peach and Gold theme Moroccan Wedding Cake:

Moroccon Themed Chocolate Wedding Cake
Moroccan Themed Chocolate Wedding Cake

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