Well I have always been able to find my way around the kitchen.. out of choice and never really out of compulsion. I am happy to be one of those gifted few who have a sharp nose for the spices (basically implying that I can sniff a dish and tell if it requires some salt or any other addition). But the real inspiration comes from the fact that I am a real foodie at heart and love to try out new things. So when I recently found myself with some extra time on my hands.. I decided to take on cooking a few recipes and one thing led to another .. and voila .. I had enrolled myself into a self imposed challenge of cooking a 100 new recipes!! This challenge has now turned into a lot more and is gradually growing into a platform for sharing all types of food related trivia!! “All things yummy” is also now a home-based bakery that prepares designer cakes and cupcakes for all types of occasions!! You can check out our detailed menu on our Facebook page: http://bakery.allthingsyummy.in