The second post in the series: this one is dedicated to all those tools that make tedious/ confusing tasks a lot easier (hence the term “friendly”)


1. Hand blender:

hand blender

For all those who are dying to make an attempt at baking their own cakes but are not really upto the hardwork involved in mixing and beating the batter, this is your solution. This equipment can reduce your mixing time by several minutes (and that is a lot of time when talking about prepping for a cake).

What’s more, the second set of attachments is for kneading doughs of all kinds. So, if you are a pro trying to make bread or simply losing your patience with the “chapati” dough, your prayers were answered long back (you just need to take the action).

Price range: INR 1,600 -2,500


2. Oven thermometer

Oven thermometer

This cute device is quite the item of utility. Now, I know what you are thinking! Why do I need to know the temperature inside my oven if I set it myself? ; Answer: Because the temperature is wronggg!!

The fact is that most of our ovens lie to us, the inside of an oven is a good 20 degree Celsius warmer/colder than what the thermostat is telling you (the smaller the one, the more screwed the temperature)

So, these little devices help you determine the temperature inside the oven and enable you to set the outside temperature such that the dish is baking at your desired temperature (this process is called calibration)

Price range: INR 500 – 700


3.  Electronic kitchen scale

Electronic kitchen scale


Have you ever been stuck in the situation where you download a recipe online and then later realize that all measurements are provided in grams and then you start running around, calculating and converting everything into cup measures at the last minute.

Well.. Don’t!! And I can give many reasons why you should not:

– The equipment above (obviously), this is reasonably priced and measures till the last gram.

– Gram measure is actually much more accurate than cup measure.

– If you are making half or quarter (on any other fraction) of the desired recipe, it is much easier to divide the quantity without compromising on the ratio between the ingredients.

– Don’t worry, you can reset the machine, so it tells you the measurement excluding the weight of the bowl (no need to subtract each time :))

Price range: INR 1,000 -1,500 




An idiots guide to the kitchen: Part 2 – Some friendly tools!!

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