Baby Shower-Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Jars

A little bit of heaven,

Is being sent to Earth.

Everyone is eager,

To witness this little one’s birth.

Happy faces all around,

Can’t wait to hear a crying baby’s sound.

Oh, wait! But there is more joy to be found!

It’s time to cut a cake while the mommy-to-be’s belly is still round!


You got your baby clothes ready, all your toys are stocked up, you’ve read up all the baby books and you pretty much already feel like a Parent!!

Now there is only one thing left to do, to get your friends to plan you that baby shower you deserve. And as a special prize, for all that hard work, they should definitely go all out on that baby shower cake (or cupcakes). Don’t you think?

“Mommies to be” go on with your day… This post is meant for your super duper sweet friends to read on and get inspired.

In this post, specially dedicated to the Baby Shower/ Announcement theme, we are taking you through some of our creations. The baby shower theme happens to be a favourite at All Things Yummy, and I guess it’s got something to do with the arrival of these cute ones that these cakes always turn out a lot cuter than all the others:

Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes


Baby Announcement Cake Jars and Hampers

And for those of you who forgot to plan a Baby Shower in the midst of all the madness, we have been doing some adorable Baby Announcement hampers:



To know more about all our customized creations, contact us at +91-8130212567 or drop us an email.

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Baby Shower – Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Jars

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