Close to a 60 recipes down, its time to pay ode to the most loved cuisine at “All things yummy”, Italian, also the one that I have managed to experiment the most with!! From simple bruschettas to risottos to home made pasta and pizza dough, its all been done!! Its time for a snapshot, presenting the top italian dishes cooked in the “all things yummy” kitchen so far:


1. Bruschetta:

The fairly simple and easy and one of the most appetizing items available in the italian cuisine. Check out the quick and delicious recipes from Day 2 and Day 6. These can be used as starters or side dishes and you can always play with the toppings as you like!

Bruschetta italian


2.  Pesto sauce pasta

This sauce is not meant for everyone and is more of an acquired taste. It is definitely on the healthy side of italian food considering that most other sauces tend to be pretty heavy on the stomach (courtesy butter, cream and all things fatty). You can also add some sundried tomatoes to the mix while churning this one up and turn it into a red pesto sauce. Also used as a base for bruschettas, pizzas, sandwiches or even used to stuff grilled chicken.

Fusilli in pesto sauce with broccoli and olives
Day 7 , Recipe 11


3. Bolognese

A real delight for the meat lovers. Although most commonly served with spaghetti, this sauce goes perfectly well with all pasta types and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take one forever in the kitchen to cook it. Most restaurants serve a very thick textured bolognese, I personally prefer it to be more saucy in nature (like the pic below :D).

Day 12, Recipe 20


4. The all-time favourite: White sauce

The perfect proportion of ingredients to give you an amazing white sauce within minutes. Toss anything in this, veggies, pasta, chicken, you name it!!

white sauce recipe
Day 14, Recipe 23


5. Risotto

Another dish that catches the fancy of only a few and definitely requires a lot of patience to cook. Made only with the special arborio rice, it turns out to be pretty expensive, but if you are a fan of the risotto, its totally worth it. The long cooking time enhances the flavors in this dish even further.

risotto collage
Day 25, Recipe 37 and Day 19, Recipe 28


6. Marinara

A wonderful concoction of all the amazing herbs that make italian food what it is, in a tomato base. For the spice lovers, there is a spicy version too courtesy the little chef in me!

pasta in marinara sauce
Day 27, Recipe 41


7. Ravioli

A ravioli recipe from scratch, definitely not for the faint hearted. The filling however is easy-peasy, and can be used with all of your ready-made market bought pastas. This post also features an all-purpose red sauce recipe. Make a truck load of the sauce and store in the refrigerator to use as a base in preparing all kinds of savoury treats.

Chicken and mushroom ravioli in redsauce
Day 36, Recipe 52


8. Crepes

The first one in the crepes series (your perfect any-time dish), with a cheesy mushroom bechamel sauce filling. I suggest you make extra filling, you will definitely want to spend more time devouring this one and it also spreads perfectly on your next day breakfast toast!

Day 38, Recipe 54


9. Perinara

An all things yummy invented sauce, a combination of the pesto, marinara and white sauce!! Also perfect to be used as a pizza sauce!!

fusilli in pesto marinara white sauce
Day 31, Recipe 46

The top italian dishes cooked in the “All things yummy” kitchen!
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