Best Restaurants and Clubs in Turkey

In continuation to our earlier post on 14 delicious things to eat in Turkey, we are giving you a little snapshot of the do’s and dont’s while you are exploring this traveler’s paradise.

Best Restaurants in Turkey

Restaurants in Izmir – Denise, Efes restaurant (Ephesus)

Restaurants in Goreme and Cappadocia – Top deck, Seten

Restaurants in Istanbul –  Journey café, House café, Lokum restaurant (Sultanhamet), Fish at Nevizade Street, Mosaic restaurant (fantastic shrimp pasta), Ciya Kebap (Kadikoy).

Best Clubs in Turkey

The view of the Bosphorus from Reina!
The view of the Bosphorus from Reina!


  • Reina – must must go here for the view and everything else!
  • 360 – A dine-in restaurant that turns into a club, with a 360 degree view of the city (located on Istiklal street)
  • Anjeliqu – I didn’t end up going here, but it is highly recommended (located right next to Reina).

Where to shop

A lot of people went on and on about the shopping experience at the Grand Bazaar, but as Indians we may not be so mesmerized by it, because some of the items coupled with the selling techniques of the shopkeepers will make you feel like you are back in the lanes of Janpath/ Palika Bazaar. I’m not saying that you must not visit, but do not exhaust all your shopping budget here-buy selective stuff and please BARGAIN!!


Turkish Spices at Grand Bazaar, Turkey
Turkish Spices at Grand Bazaar, Turkey

– Once you are done here, go to Ortakoy to experience one of the cutest flea market experiences of your life (with great food of course!).

– Also, tucked in the streets of Kadikoy is another cute store, Modalika, with prices competitive with those of the flea market.

– In my personal experience, Turkey is not meant for clothes shopping, but if you must, try the local brand Bershqa. If your shopping exceeds 100 TLR at any single store, kindly ask for a Tax refund form.

How to travel

  • For domestic travel, planes are very well priced, we flew all over by Pegasus and had a satisfactory experience.
  • If you are travelling in and around a city to popular tourist destinations, buses are the best option (we travelled from Izmir to Pamukkale (4 hours each side) and it was undoubtedly the best bus ride of my life), everyone has a personal entertainment interface and they even serve complimentary ice cream 😀
  • Within Istanbul, your best bet is Trams, these are very well connected to all the touristy places you will want to visit. To save yourself a lot of money, get yourself the travel card, this works in ferries too, and that reminds me, please only take the ferry ride when travelling from Ortakoy to Kadikoy and back, it’s like a bonus cruise.
  • Kindly avoid cabs as much as possible in the daytime, because Istanbul is almost as crowded as New Delhi, if not more! When you do take a cab, insist on going by the meter!

P.S. Refrain from buying a local SIM card, it may end up blocking your phone unless you have a turkey handset. The great part is that even the tiniest of cafes all over Turkey have wifi.

P.P.S. If  Cappadocia forms a part of your itinerary, do not leave this town without experiencing the hot air balloon ride, it’s worth every penny spent! We chose Turkiye Balloons and more than loved it!!

Any article that talks about Istanbul is not complete without a special mention of the numerous cats that reside in this city, I leave you with a little ode to the “Istanbul cats”

kitty collage

I hope you liked Best Restaurants and Clubs to visit in Turkey, and would love to hear your feedback! Do drop in your thoughts in the comments section or shoot me an email!

Best Restaurants and Clubs to Visit in Turkey

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