We all love their desserts and have tried the signature ones many-a-times (Chocolate superfudge brownies, Blueberry cheesecake, Mississippi mud pie, Belgian chocolate shake ….), but after endless sessions with the same old desserts, I tried something a little new at the Big Chill Cafe this time around and the experience was so insanely mind-boggling that I just had to share it!!


waffles at big chill
Waffles with french vanilla icecream and homemade chocolate fudge sauce…. (Blueberry cheesecake.. somewhere in the background!!)


First things first, if you are a “Waffle” person, you must try the ones at Big Chill, I feel they really need to be talked about a lot more!!

I coupled this classic american dessert with a scoop of Big Chill’s “French Vanilla” ice-cream, I know that most people are not big fans of the vanilla flavour, but french vanilla is something completely different, if you want to know the real flavour that vanilla beans have to offer, this is what you should be eating!!

And the best part of it all, the “Homemade Chocolate Fudge” made at Big Chill, its the same one that goes into the Chocolate superfudge brownies, but when you bite into a mouthful of this delectable sauce layered on top of freshly made hot waffles and french vanilla icecream, I guarantee you will be speechless for a few moments!!


The dessert you should be eating at The Big Chill Cafe!!
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