Here goes the story of my brother’s birthday cake.

April 27, 2015: An important date in my brothers life. He decided to introduce the love of his life to the Family on this day, and it also happens to be his birthday.

April 27, 2016: I decided to take him one year down memory lane and recount the most memorable moments he shared with his now “wife”. From meeting the parents and getting engaged to finally tying the knot and leaving for their honeymoon, I decided to make my brother’s cake about every event that made this year special.


Because Timeline Cakes naturally work on dates, I picked the most important dates for my brother’s cake in his life.

Meeting The Parents: Represented by a fondant depiction of my parents, the opportune day when she came to our home for the very first time.

Earrings: My sister-in-law was gifted a pair of earrings from our parents, the first time we went to Kyrgyzstan (her hometown) and the families met. One could call them a symbol of “Sealing the Deal”.

Engagement Rings: Those rings define their formal engagement that happened in Kyrgyzstan with a warm gathering.

Wedding Outfits: Their wedding outfits are a representation of the Big Fat Indian Wedding that happened in Delhi!

Honeymoon: The sun, sand and the beach that awaits them on their honeymoon.

Brother's Birthday Cake-Chocolate Kahlua with Baileys
Chocolate Kahlua Cake with Baileys Ganache

The flavour

My Brother’s Cake had to be of a flavour that he loves, so I decided to go with chocolate and who minds a little alcohol? The end product was a Chocolate Cake infused with Kahlua liquor and iced with Baileys Chocolate ganache!

I hope you like the cake and the story, and would love to hear everyone’s feedback and experiences too!

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My Brother’s Birthday Cake
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