“Pass the cheese please!”, I really wonder why this sentence is not used more often at our dining tables. Yes, well, ofcourse, I am wondering this coz I am a cheese freak, but I know plenty of cheese obsessed foodies such as myself, who consider few slices of their favourite cheese to be a meal in itself (indulgent? I know!)

Since cheese is the only thing in the world that comes close to being “the love of my life”, it felt almost ridiculous that I have not dedicated a single post especially to it!!

What follows now, are a few types of cheese that I enjoy munching on for no apparent reason whatsoever (I guess its the same feeling that people with a sweet tooth get from chocolates, its an instant mood uplifter):

1. Smoked pepper cheese

Smoked pepper cheese

This deserves to be at the top of the list coz there is really nothing like it. I love smoky effect in my food, and when that is combined with cheese that has pepper poked into it, I really can not describe the deliciousness in words. A bar of 250 gms will cost you somewhere around INR 500 (Available at Nature’s Basket).


2. Landana gouda with trio pepper

landana gouda with trio pepper

Lemony, soft and induced with the flavours of 3 different types of pepper. This one can turnaround any boring dish and obviously is just as yummy to eat by itself.

A bar of 250 gms will costs INR 550 (Available at Nature’s Basket).


3. Amul processed cheese cubes:

I know this sounds boring, but it still happens to be my one of my favourites (probably coz its the one I have grown up on, literally). If you are not the “munch on cheese” kind, just grate this and use it as a topping on any of your dishes.


Combine any of the above with sliced olives (and perhaps a bit of lettuce) and you have signed yourself up to experience “divine intervention”.


The ones below can be used as toppings:

1. Feta: A perfect companion for salads, its a bit gooey in nature and will sort of taste a bit like hung curd dip. It also makes an excellent topping for bruschettas.

feta cheese

feta cheese

I picked up mine from “The cheese ball” at Meherchand Market at approx INR 100 for a 200 gm pack.

2. Parmesan: Hard in nature, it is mostly eaten in its grated form.  Sprinkle this one on top any of your finished dishes (pastas, pizza, crepes, you name it).


Again, picked up from “The cheese ball” at Meherchand Market.

If you are too lazy to grate, you can pick up the pre-grated boxes available from Kraft. These will be more costly than the fresh cheese (INR 375 for the 85 gm bottle as opposed to approx INR 100 for a 100 gm brick of fresh parmesan).kraft parmesan

3. Mozarella: Best suited for pizzas or any other baked dish such as pasta. You can choose from a variety of brands such as Kraft, President. I usually go with the mozarella slices. Price range varies between INR 200- 400 for a pack, depending on the brand. You can also substitute this with a cheaper version known as “pizza cheese”.


I know there is lots more to add to the cheesiness, but all this “cheese talk” is making me super hungry!!

More on cheese later..


Pass the cheese please!!
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