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Yes, we bake cakes for a living in an attempt to spread some happiness around us and to feel like we are a part of all those precious moments that are celebrated with our desserts!! And we also believe, that if you judge a book by its cover, then in the same way, you judge a cake by its packaging.

At All Things Yummy, when we say “bespoke”, we mean it! Each order you place with us is not only customised with respect to flavour preference and design, but if you need, we can take this a step further and customise your packaging experience too.


Here is how:

  • Customised Cake Boards

We cover all your cake boards to complement the theme and color scheme of your cake. Case in point:



  • Customised Messages

Special messages on cakes: can be written in the size and style you desire. (handwritten by edible pens on fondant or by using alphabet cutters)


  • Handwritten Messages

For those who love everything old school: special handwritten messages in calligraphic style can also be designed and attached to the cake boxes.


Customised Packaging-Handwritten Gift Tags
Customised Packaging-Handwritten Messages


  • Hampers

We carry a large variety of prints that you can choose from. Also, if you are placing a bulk order of 100 and above, the boxes can be printed exactly as per your design preference (you need to give us a one month notice for this)



  • Cake in a Jar

Our bestselling item, we sell these in 3 different sizes and 15 unique flavours. These can be customised right from the cloth print to the ribbon color and specially designed, customised labels.



You can view many more pictures of our work on our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest page. To place and order, contact us on +91-8130212567 or email at

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All Things Yummy – Customised Packaging
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