All credit for this great Choux (pronounced as “shoe”) pastry recipe goes to a class I just attended.

Ever since my advent into the world of baking, it has come to my notice that there is a world full of desserts that I am not even aware of (let alone tasted!)

On a personal level, I have come to realise that tiny sized desserts are really my thing, they are not too heavy on the stomach and most of them taste like little drops of heaven. If you think cupcakes are small, step into the world of french desserts!!


Recipe 48: Choux pastry

Recipe credits:

cream puff

Above is a picture of cream puffs and eclairs made using choux pastry dough

What you need:

57 grams of softened butter, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup flour (sifted), a pinch of salt, 1 tsp castor sugar, 2-3 eggs (at room temperature)

How to make it doughy and gloopy:

– Preheat an oven to 250 C

– Melt butter and water in a saucepan (it has to be a saucepan, else the moisture will go out faster than required) on low flame.

– Meanwhile, mix the flour, salt and sugar.

– Once butter melts, add flour mixture and continue to heat on low flame.

– Now keep stirring, the mix will come together.

– Make sure that the mix is not too wet, just cook for 2 minutes (keep seperating the mix while stirring).

– Once done, remove from heat and keep aside to cool down. You now have what is called “Roux”.

– Now transfer the mix to a bowl and start beating while adding eggs one at a time.

– The key here is to obtain a gloopy dough (the kind that resembles the cerelac and farex like stuff that babies eat). You will probably need about 2.5 eggs.

How to test: Pick up some of the dough with a spatula and drop it. While dropping, it should slowly fall in big clumps.

– You dough is now ready, transfer this to a piping bag and attach a tip with a large mouth to it.

– On a baking tray, place butter paper and pipe the pastries.

choux pastry dough

For eclairs: Make a straight horizontal line about 3 inches long and without stopping, make another line on top of it.

For the cream puff: Just make a swirl. You are free to make any design as long as it is big enough to squeeze in the filling later (Check out the heart I made!)

– Bake at 250 C for the first 10 minutes and then at 180 C for 30 minutes.

– Once the timer is up, leave the door ajar for a few minutes (to ensure that the pastry has no moisture left)

Now, just make an opening in the pastry with any poking device (fork, knife etc.) and fill it up with your choice of topping (you can do this with the help of a piping bag). You will notice that your pastry is completely empty from inside (sort of like a golgappa :p).


There is a plethora of options available for the topping (depending on your personal taste):

– Royal icing (this is my favourite)

– Creme patissiere

– Strawberry filling

– Chocolate glaze

– Nutella


savoury choux pastry

Don’t have much of a sweet tooth? Not to worry, try this savoury option!

Just slice the pastry into two and coat the insides with some butter/ olive oil. Then add the sauce of your choice (from tomato to hummus to salsa or whatever you want). Top it up with cheese, olives and some lettuce (or any vegetables that your heart desires).


Time spent in Kitchen: 4 hours (including time spent in making icing)

Price range of the total cost of all ingredients: INR 200 -250 (just for the choux pastry dough)

Day 33 (June 09, 2013): My first french dessert – Choux pastry!!
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