Three months, 8 different cuisines, countless hours spent in the kitchen, extensive time spent doing research on the internet, many minor cuts and burns and 15-20 guinea pigs later.. I am proud to say that I have managed to make it midway to completing my target for mastering a 100 new recipes (and also not to forget, sharing my experiences along the way)!!


So the 50th dish had to be special and it obviously had to be a new cuisine. Confession, I have only eaten Indonesian food once in my life at Singapore, but I absolutely loved it. The dish I ate was did not have the typical south-east asian flavours and to be honest, it reminded me a bit of butter chicken :p

Anyway, recipe no. 50 was very different from the one I tasted and I served it along with the very popular Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice).


Recipe 50 (woohoo!!): Chicken and broccoli in oyster sauce

Recipe credits:—-uniengs-style/detail.aspx?scale=6&ismetric=0

chicken and broccoli in oyster sauce


I know that some of the ingredients in the recipe may seem a bit alien, so here is a brief description:

1. Bok choy: This is chinese cabbage (image below), you can chop the whole thing and eat it. Easily available at INA market or any of the Godrej Nature’s Basket outlets.

bok choy

2. Oyster sauce: Don’t blow your brains out looking for recipes to make this one (it is made with real oysters and chances of finding that in Delhi is very rare, so if you are allergic to seafood or do not like the taste steer clear of this dish), just buy one of the readymade ones from “real thai” or any other brand.

3. Cornstarch: This is our very own cornflour, just another name for it.

4. Leek (this will make an appearance in the next recipe): looks like a distant cousin of spring onion and adds great flavour to most of the pan-asian dishes.



Coming to the serving size, I made 10 servings (using 700 gms of chicken) of this recipe for 4 very hungry people and it was enough.

Personal tweaks: I let the chicken marinate for an hour to incorporate the flavour of oyster sauce and soy sauce.


Time spent in Kitchen: 45 mins – 1 hour (excluding marinate time)

Price range of the total cost of all ingredients: INR 200 -250 (for 10 servings)


Although, this dish tastes really wonderful with steamed rice as well, but since I had some guests over, I decided to make Nasi Goreng as well.


Recipe 51: Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice)

Recipe credits:

nasi goreng


This dish is pretty much like most of the other forms of fried rice except for the huge quantity of eggs that goes into it (I made my first 5 egg omelette and believe me it gets super tough to handle these and you have to make sure that it is cooked through so follow the instructions on the link carefully) and also the cumin and sweet soy sauce.


five egg omelette

Check out the thickness of the omelette!

I was a bit skeptical about the quantity of sweet soya sauce that this recipe mentioned (also because the sauce I managed to get was honey soy sauce so I was not sure if this was the right one) so I made a few tweaks:

1. I put in only about 30% of the sweet soy sauce quantity mentioned in the recipe and substituted about 40% of the sweet soy sauce quantity with regular soy sauce.

2. I added 2-3 tsp of white pepper crushed and some vinegar (a cap full).

3. Also, I did not add the remaining ingredients (refer step 4 in the recipe) until the chicken was thoroughly cooked.

Another concern in the recipe was the ratio of rice and sauce in the recipe, it was off by a good 30% (rice being on the higher side) so you may want to tweak your rice/ sauce quantities accordingly. I just served the extra boiled rice separately.


Time spent in Kitchen: 45 mins – 1 hour

Price range of the total cost of all ingredients: INR 150 -200


Last but not the least, this wonderful dinner was finished with a scrumptious apple pie served with vanilla cinnamon icecream and chocolate ganache. (Refer to Day 23, Recipe 32 for the apple pie recipe)

apple pie with cinnamon icecream and chocolate fudge


Day 35 (June 13, 2013): Celebrating 50 recipes Indonesian style with Nasi goreng and Chicken in oyster sauce!
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