Yes, cooking is a great feeling and nothing matches the satisfaction of hearing the “oohs” and “aahs” from people right after they gobble up some of your self-cooked treats..

But wait.. there is something that comes very close to it and for a lot of people probably better, the satisfaction of being “served” with mouth-watering treats at a restaurant with perfect ambience and smiling staff catering to your demands while you simply plonk your asses on their comfortable seating and ┬áchit-chat about the events of your life..

The love for cooking stems from the love for eating… so this page here is dedicated to all my favourite dishes (mostly served at Restaurants/ Hotels/ Cafes etc. in and around the Delhi region).. I know we all have our preferences but I am hoping my opinions can be of some value to all of you…

P.s. You are all open to sharing your favourite dishes as well..


Pan-Asian treats

The Indian food expedition

Italian discoveries


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