1. Butter Chicken at Moti Mahal (Southex, Defence Colony)

I am sure everyone has their own versions of favourite butter chicken. But when I am in the mood to order in and do not want to be disappointed with a different version of the same dish each time, I trust Moti Mahal.

2. Chicken Tikka at Khan Chacha (Khan Market)

The best tikkas in town, juicy, soft and rich in taste!

3. Baigan ka Salan at Dum Pukht (ITC Maurya)

This place is a sheer vegetarian delight. One can never imagine that a dish that includes the word “Baigan” can be this delicious. Cheesy, soft and full of flavour, they have upgraded the status of the Baigan 😀

4. Gucchi Pulao at Dum Pukht (ITC Maurya)

If you are a mushroom person, you haveee to try this one!! Full of fragrance and the mushroom effect in every bite, can be combined with almost any gravy dish, or better still, try it unaccompanied by any other dish!


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