I am not one with a sweet tooth, but I love to end a great meal outside with something sweet (like many others)..

So here’s a list of the tried and tested:

1. Chocolate mousse at “China Garden” (GK-II)

I know this won’t strike to many as a place for dessert, but the chocolate mousse here is to die for. My family eats one each on every one of our visits here. Try it with the whipped cream for an absolute blissful experience.

2. 1001 Dalmations at the “All American Diner” (Lodhi Road)

This flavour of milkshake is only available here. The perfect mix of chocolate and orange with chocolate flakes floating on top.

3. Chocolate superfudge brownies at “The Big Chill” (Khan Market/ Saket/ Kailash Colony)

No conversation about desserts is complete without a mention of this place. One of the only things on their initial menu (before they started serving the yummy italian food), their desserts can add a cheer to all types of awful days. Chocolate superfudge brownies are everything you want your brownies to be, crispy and gooey at the right place served in a tall glass full of your favourite choice of icecream.

4. Hot Chocolate fudge at Nirulas/ Baskin Robbins

I know most people relate to the HCF at Nirulas, but I can never decide between the two, hence I am listing both. The fudge at Nirulas is slightly better, but I am a huge fan of the sprinklers they put on top of the icecream at Baskin Robbins (I know its a small thing.. but I like what I like :P)

5. The Kulfi at “Moets” (Defence Colony)

The famous Indian dessert, I have not tasted a better version than this one. The little shed outside the restaurant is always crowded and most of the times its all over by 11 PM. A must-visit.

6. Red velvet brownies from B Sweet

Cocoa meets buttermilk in all the right proportions to create a divine and moist red velvet brownie. I tried this courtesy the June Bakebox, really wish the whole box was full of this and this only.

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