“There is no such thing as a free lunch”.. yeah, well.. sometimes there is and then some more… I recently got the chance to be a part of a great cooking session with the great chef “Ritu Dalmia“, and it gets even better, I even got to cook alongside her 🙂

On the menu were some of the signature dishes served at “Diva Kitsch” (read full review of this restaurant here). We were taken through the steps of creating the avocado soup, vietnamese spring rolls, Little Tartlets filled with Greens tossed in Coconut-Peanut dressing, Burnt Garlic Soya Prawns all under a whopping 40 minutes (each one of these dishes is a culinary wonder, not just because of the high intensity of flavours involved but also due to the simplicity in their method of preparation!)

Avocado Soup at Diva Kitsch

Avocado Soup (image courtesy: PR Pundit)



Little Tartlets filled with Greens tossed in Coconut-Peanut dressing at Diva Kitsch
Little Tartlets filled with Greens tossed in Coconut-Peanut dressing (image courtesy: PR Pundit)


The best part of the session was that we got to volunteer to get inside the kitchen, I contributed to the burnt garlic soya prawns and the chef gave us complete reign over deciding the ingredients for the dishes, it was pure joy to work behind a gigantic wok with a great spread of ingredients all laid out beautifully at our disposal!!

After filling up our stomachs with these delectable treats, it was time for a cocktail session where we were taken through few of the innovative cocktails from the menu!! What’s interesting about these cocktails is that each one is flavoured with some innovative natural ingredients!!


Diva Kitsch may not be a place for everyone, but for those who appreciate the finer ingredients and enjoy a little twists and surprises in the regular dishes, it is a must try!!

Inside the “Diva Kitsch” kitchen!!
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