Lately, I have been doing a lot of “healthy cooking”, courtesy my brother’s new found obsession with a diet he is following! Well, I am not complaining, healthier food helps one explore food which is a lot more rich in flavour instead of just stuffing it with more cheese and butter (Ok, I didn’t just say that, i love all things fried and cheesy, but you know what I mean!!)

Presenting, the first ever “Fish dish” at All Things Yummy:


Recipe 58: Grilled Fish

Recipe Credits: Various sources from the Internet

Grilled Fish at All Things Yummy
Grilled Fish


Since I chose to marinate this in multiple sauces, I simply named it “Grilled Fish”

What you need:

250 gms of Salmon

1-2 Tablespoon Olive oil

1-2 Tablespoon Oyster Sauce

1/3 cup (about 2 lemons) lemon juice, freshly squeezed

1 Tablespoon Colavita Balsamic Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Dark Soy sauce

Dried herbs: Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary (to taste)

1-2 Teaspoon crushed garlic

Salt to taste


How to make it “Fishyy”

1. Mix all ingredients of the marinade in a ziplock bag, shake well and leave in the refrigerator for atleast 30 minutes. Make sure you wash the fish thoroughly and cut it into 1 inch pieces before mixing it in the marinade.

2. Preheat the oven grill to 180 C.

3. Place the marinated fish on the grill (straight from the refrigerator) and cook for 15-20 minutes.

4. Make sure to keep turning the fish to ensure that it is cooked thoroughly.


I served this with a modified version of the Salad from Day 6, a totally healthy meal 🙂



Time spent in Kitchen: 1 hour (including time taken for marination)

Price range of the total cost of all ingredients: INR 300-400  




Day 42 (January 30, 2014): Grilled fish
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