Liquor Cake, Cupcake and Cake Jar

Once upon a cupcake,

There was much too much liquor in the house to spare;

So the cake-lady decided to create a new pair,

The cupcake and liquor bottle would now never know despair.


Our love affair with liquor infused desserts started with the B52 cupcakes, inspired by the flavors of the original B52 shot (which happens to be my favorite). Our B52 Cupcake contains Coffee, Orange Brandy, and oodles of  Bailey’s and Kahlua!!

Teetotallers, don’t fret, these cakes are not going to get you drunk; infusing cakes and cupcakes with these boozy delights adds to the richness of flavors and texture of the cake, and of course, gives you that teeny tiny kick :p

While taking a course at Le Cordon Bleu in London last year, I discovered how the world of baking is so much more obsessed with alcohol/ liquor infused desserts than I ever imagined. So, upon my return, I decided to experiment with many other flavored liquors/ dessert alcohols.

Lets take you down this “tipsy” turvy road, shall we 🙂


Liquor Love/ B52-Liquor Cake Jars

B52 -Liquor Cake Jar
B52 Cake Jars
  • Base cake: Chocolate/ Mocha
  • Liquor used: Baileys and Kahlua


Chocaholic-Liquor Cake Jars

Chocaholic Cake Jar-Liquor Cake Jar
Chocaholic Cake Jar
  • Base cake: Dark Chocolate
  • Liquor used: Grand Marnier and Baileys Chocolate


Lemon Berry-Liquor Cake Jars

Lemon Berry-Liquor Cake Jar
Lemon Berry Cake Jar
  • Base cake: Lemon Cake
  • Liquor used: Ciroc : Red Berry Vodka


Caramelicious-Liquor Cupcake

Caramelicious Cupcake-Liquor Cake/Cupcake
Caramelicious Cupcake
  • Base cake: Chocolate fudge
  • Liquor used: Baileys caramel flavour


Alcoffee-Liquor Cake Jars

Alcoffee Cake Jar-Liquor Cake Jar
Alcoffee Cake Jar
  • Base cake: Dark Chocolate
  • Liquor used: Whisky

P.S. The list does not end here, we are happy to infuse any of our Menu flavors with a liquor of your choice.

All of the flavors listed above are available in Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Jars. Shoot us a mail and we’ll get in touch with you!

Liquor Cake, Cupcake and Cake Jar!

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