Its that time of the year, when the sun is shining bright, and you don’t really mind :P. The winter sun, the cool breeze and a cozy table are all the makings of a perfect Sunday Brunch, and everyone who has been living in Delhi as long as I have, would know that you get only about a dozen of these perfect afternoons in a year.

So if you want to make the most of it, one of the places you must head down to is Lodi the Garden Restaurant. Unlike popular belief, it’s not situated in the Lodhi Gardens, however, it is every bit as picturesque!

Lodi the Garden Restaurant
The perfect Sunday afternoon…


The property is extremely spacious, making you feel like you have your own personal picnic spot for a table. The brunch buffet completely compliments the property in terms of its lavishly wide spread, starting from a wide variety of freshly squeezed juices and ending with an even greater variety of desserts! (nomnomnom..)

A word of advice, if you are planning to visit, don’t be in a hurry, it’s a brunch that needs to be enjoyed each course at a time! And that’s how I did it:


  1. I went with the orange juice (an expected choice I know, but you can’t blame me considering the time of the year). P.s. They also serve wine/ champagne that can be added to your brunch at an extra cost.
  2. You can follow this up with a salad/ fresh fruits and some freshly baked breads and dip. I particularly loved the eggplant dip. Or you could go up to the live counter and get yourself eggs cooked in your favorite style.
  3. Outside the buffet, there is the option of getting a pasta, this is available in a choice of 3 sauces, the pesto comes with some great home cooked fettuccini.
  4. The highlight of the Sunday Brunch at Lodi however, is their live grill counters, serving a variety of different meats, seafood and vegetables. The prawns and the aubergine stood out for me!

    Grilled Prawns
    Grilled Prawns
  5. After all this, if you still have an appetite (yes I still managed to find mine), head over to the desserts counter and whatever you do, do not miss out on the carrot cake, it is the perfect comfort winter dessert.20141116_142459



If you decide to head here anytime soon (which you must :)) , my suggestion, please book a table in advance, its completely packed from the minute it strikes 12 and most of the people do not depart before closing time (4 PM), for obvious reasons 🙂


Sunday brunching at Lodi the Garden Restaurant
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