We are always getting asked about the most popular cake jar flavours at All Things Yummy, so we decided to make a little list to make life easier for everyone 🙂

For the Chocolate lovers:

  1. Gooey Chocolate
Gooey Chocolate Cake Jar - All Things Yummy
Gooey Chocolate Cake Jar – All Things Yummy

Because who doesn’t love chocolate? The gooey chocolate cake is a treat for the dark chocolate lovers! Layers of dark chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache.

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2. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher Cake Jar - All Things YummyLayers of Chocolate Cake, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolate. For those who don’t like their dessert to be too bitter, the Nutella adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

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3. Liquor Love

Liquor Love Cake Jar
Liquor Love – Cake Jar

Dessert lovers, now you can have your cake and drink it too 😛 The liquor love cake is the most popular among our alcoholic cakes range.

Chocolate cake soaked in orange brandy and kahlua liquor layered with baileys irishcream buttercream (inspired by the popular B52 shot)

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4. Toblerone Cheesecake

Toblerone Cheesecake - All Things Yummy
Toblerone Cheesecake – All Things Yummy

Another one of our signature flavours, Toblerone mousse with an oreo cookie base topped with dark chocolate ganache and Toblerone bits.

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For those who love “All Things Dessert”

  1. Banoffee Pie
Banoffee Pie Cake Jar - All Things Yummy
Banoffee Pie Cake Jar – All Things Yummy

We only introduced this flavour few months ago but its soon become the most popular one at most of our Bake Sales.

A biscuity base topped with toffee sauce and freshly sliced bananas, with a topping of whipped cream and choco chips, you will have to dig your spoon all the way till the end of the jar when you bite into this one.

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2. Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake Jar
Lemon Cake Jar

Our lemon cake is made with all natural flavours (lemon juice and lemon zest). A perfect way to start the soon approaching Summer.

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Our most popular Cake in a Jar flavours!

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