Rakhi Cake Hampers

We can be the best of friends like Laurel and Hardy

Some may even say that we get each other like Calvin and Hobbes

But mostly we are chasing after each other like Tom and Jerry :p

We save each other from the Parents, we laugh at each other in front of the friends, but we can also listen to each other cry our hearts out. We all share that special bond with someone, whether its a sibling, a cousin or a “Rakhi brother/ sister”. Your love for each other is much like an “Unbreakable vow” (Ref: Harry Potter).

So for the most unique/ unusual kind of love, the gifting options can be nothing short of crazy! This Rakhi, August 7th, we are bringing you a line up of fun and quirky gifting options for your brother/sister.

In this post, we take you through two of them:

Rakhi Cake Jars 

Rakhi Cake Jar Special - All Things Yummy

What better way to depict the “Bhai behen ka pyaar” than with a “Cake in a Jar”.

At All Things Yummy, we are showing you multiple ways to express your love for your brother/ sister with lots of customized label options.
You can shower more love on them with the multiple flavours of Cake Jars available on our Menu!


Rakhi Cake Jar Hampers

Like Peas in a Pod, Bumps on a Log, Bugs in a Rug, Birds of a Feather, Partners in Crime, Best Friends Forever!! All of these things and more define the relationship between a Brother and Sister, but sometimes words are just not enough, so we will help you say it with some dessert! Customise your own hamper in the various prints available with us.


Rakhi Special Cake Jars Hamper

The one in the picture contains 4 cake jars of 100 gms each (can be of the flavours of your choice), and is priced at INR 800 (including cost of packaging).



Rakhi Cake Hampers

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