Rosettes Decor Cake

If you are looking to order a non-fondant pretty looking cake, meet your best friend!

A cake so nice, you are going to order it more than twice! :p

All Things Yummy is now over 300 cakes old (hoot hoot!) and in this cake journey, our most consistent companion has been the “Rosettes Cake”.

It’s been a part of many a celebrations,
Making its way from occasion to occasion.
Sometimes it brings anniversary love to a couple,
It’s also made its rounds in the Wedding Party Circle,
And of course, it’s the go-to Cake for a Valentine Special.
Sometimes it goes home to wish a pretty lady Happy Birthday,
 And most recently it won the hearts of many moms on Mother’s Day!
Some may even say,
That it has the ability to lift you up on a dull day!!

It’s the one design that we have created in the maximum possible color combinations and somehow its elegance never seems to die. And just when things were beginning to become a bit boring, we got to experiment with a completely new color palate on our latest Rosettes cake order. Let us present to you- the Mint Green Rosettes Decor Cake!

Mint Green Rosettes Decor Cake:

Mint Green Rosettes Decor Cake
                                                     Mint Green Rosettes Decor Cake


This Mint Green Rosettes Decor Cake was a refreshing break from the Pinks and Yellows of the past (the most preferred choices in this design). Not that they don’t have the same visual appeal. Take a look.

So whatever be the reason, this one can be “the cake for any season”!

It’s available in all the flavors on our Menu. The Rosettes Decor can be made with Butter Cream or Whipped Cream, though we usually prefer the latter.

I hope you liked the Mint Green Rosettes Decor Cake, and would love to hear your feedback! Do drop in your thoughts in the comments section or shoot me an email!


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The Rosettes Decor Cake
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