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Spreading the cake love through 3 different flavours of happiness every month! The Sprinkles Club-an initiative by All Things Yummy, a monthly subscription of 3 Cakes in a Jar delivered to your doorstep every month. And you can greet your sweet friends in 4 easy-peasy steps:

  • Click on The Sprinkles Club
  • Pick Monthly/Quarterly Subscription
  • Make the payment online
  • Cuddle back on your couch, and wait for happiness to knock on your door

P.s. If you are feeling a little generous, how about you share the cake love with a friend, gift them a Sprinkles subscription and wait for that generous thank you call!!

For the month of June, we decided to turn the party mode on, and treat you with some liquor infused jars! Take a look:


Alcoffee Cake in a Jar


Alcoffee Cake in a Jar
Alcoffee Cake in a Jar

WHAT: Dark chocolate cake infused with whisky layered with espresso buttercream icing (Eggless)

WHY: We decided to make your coffee cake irish :), just for that extra bit of summer fun!

Chocaholic Cake in a Jar

Chocaholic Cake in a Jar
Chocaholic Cake in a Jar

WHAT: Chocolate cake soaked in Grand Marnier layered with baileys (chocolate flavour) chocolate buttercream icing. (Eggless)

WHY: A liquor cake series without Grand Marnier? Umm, not happening!! The perfect companion for our dark chocolate cake. Wait till you taste the Baileys Chocolate Flavour in the icing, you might want to make a switch from the original Irish cream flavour.


Liquor Love Cake in a Jar

Liquor Love Cake in a Jar
Liquor Love Cake in a Jar

WHAT: Chocolate cake soaked in orange brandy and kahlua liquor layered with baileys irishcream buttercream.

WHY: Inspired by the B52 shot, this one is one of the our best sellers.


We’d love to have your feedback and experiences! Feel free to drop all your comments/queries in the comments section, or shoot me a mail at

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