I think I can safely speak for most of us when I say that after a good indian meal, the other most cooked cuisine in our households is Chinese, all of us love the taste of the yummy noodles cooked by our mothers and they have all fed us with their special Indianized chinese recipes at some point. This post is dedicated to one of the first international cuisines that invaded the food scene at our restaurants, and still holds a special place in our stomach  hearts!! 

Here’s the best of the chinese story at All things yummy so far:

 1. Chicken in hot garlic sauce

The dish cooked on the very first day of the race to a hundred recipes. Its tough to go wrong with this Neeta Mehta recipe. If you love all things spicy and garlicy, you are in for a treat.

Chicken in hot garlic sauce


2. Pepper chicken

I don’t know about you, but a strong pepper flavour and a chilli garlic flavour leave an equally memorable trace on my tastebuds. This recipe is as good as the ones served in many of our restaurants and is super quick to prepare and can be made with most of the ingredients that are probably lying around in your kitchen.

Pepper chicken
Pepper Chicken


3. General tso’s chicken

A fair warning, this dish is very time consuming to prepare and requires you to do a full dance routine in the kitchen while preparing it :p. But if you are bored of eating the usual indo-chinese recipes and are open to trying out new flavours (in this case, hoisin sauce), this dish would do you full justice.

P.s. its pretty heavy on the stomach too (since it is deep fried and all 😀 )


General Tso's chicken
General tso’s chicken


4. Kung pao chicken

This recipe will not give you an exact replica of the kung pao chicken that we are all used to eating, but thats precisely what I like about it, the addition of wine adds to the flavours and it is definitely more spicy than the ones available at restaurants (which tends to be a bit sweet at times.. really whats that all about?)


kung pao chicken
Kung pao chicken


5. Crispy burnt garlic vegetables

Even if you are a hard-core non-vegetarian, I am sure you have tried this starter or stolen most of it out of your vegetarian friends orders! It forms part of the menu of pretty much all chinese restaurants and if not, they are more than happy to provide it to you, wonder why? Because it is super dooper easy to make!!  Serve it with chilli garlic sauce and you are good to go, even oyster sauce works really well (but its not a vegetarian sauce!)

Crispy burnt garlic vegetables
Crispy burnt garlic vegetables


6. Chilli vegetables

The chill chicken turns veg, yeah, thats exactly what this recipe is, vegetables cooked in the same gravy as chilli chicken, so if you love spicy and are in the mood for veg, then go with this one, its truly desi!

Chilli vegetables
Chilli vegetables


7. Chicken in oyster sauce

This recipe has more of indonesian routes, but it can be very well classified into chinese. It is a bit of an acquired taste, but if it does catch your fancy, you will surely love it! I served it with Nasi goreng but if you are pressed for time, the usual fried rice or steamed rice works perfectly well too!

nasi goreng and chicken in oyster sauce
Chicken in oyster sauce


Since no chinese meal is complete without a great rice or noodles dish on the side, we present to you the best rice and noodles recipes from “All things yummy”


8. Egg fried rice

Fried rice infused with chilli and garlic flavours topped with fried egg or mixed in with scrambled eggs.

egg fried rice
Egg fried rice


9. Chilli garlic noodles

This one needs no introduction, add chicken or egg to the recipe and eat the noodles unaccompanied!

Chilli garlic noodles
Chilli garlic noodles



The best chinese dishes cooked in the All things yummy kitchen
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