A promise of a one-of-a-kind tea experience is what the Cha bar (Oxford Bookstore, Connaught place) offers! Set in a prime location (facing Statesman House) inside the Oxford bookstore, this unconventional cafe will take you by surprise in many more ways than one!

I recently had the opportunity of indulging in the many items that their menu has to offer as part of a “Foodies meet”!! To begin with, the black and white ambience is strangely inviting and peaceful at the same time, its the ideal place to have a conversation over a cup of your favorite tea (a fair warning though: its tough to pick one here since they only have over 150 varieties to offer, I’m not kidding!!, and its likely that you have not tried over 90% of them!)

Cha Bar Connaught place
A picture of the ceiling!


Cha Bar menu
A page from Cha Bar’s insanely populated menu – showing the 6 varieties of our everyday tea or “cha” as they call it!


The most wonderful part about this tasting session was that they had made a specialised menu for us where different food items were paired with different types of tea!

Cha Bar Connaught place
A sneak peak at the special menu!


I had the moroccan mint tea and the chicken caesar salad, the tea had a very soothing flavour of mint and it was so light that one could go and sipping it for hours, the salad had the right amount of dressing coupled with perfectly soft pieces of chicken!

moroccan mint tea at cha bar
Moroccan mint tea served in a classy metallic colored kettle


Chicken Caesar Salad at Cha Bar
Chicken Caesar Salad


Notice how interesting the kettle is? That’s another speciality of Cha Bar, not only do they serve you the best of the teas from around the world, they do it in style, they have a separate kettle for each tea, that means even the “Truck driver 100 mile ki cha” is served in typical tiny stacked glasses that one sees in dhabas located on the highway (and this one was served with some desi style pakodas!)

Bollywood Masala Tea at Cha Bar
A Bollywood kettle with Dimple from Bobby for the Bollywood Masala Cha (in the background: some bollywood movie DVDs)


Ayurvedic Tea at Cha Bar
Posha from the Ayurvedic teas served in an earthy teapot!


Rose Tea at Cha Bar
Rose from the flowering teas served in a transparent kettle! Truly beautiful!


Also, on my way outside I happened to cross the area where they display the teasets, and I just had to capture this one for everyone to appreciate the beauty and the effort to put in by the owners of Cha Bar to make the customers experience memorable!

Cha Bar Connaught Place
The tea sets lined up together!


The Cha bar can also be classified into a mini bakery, as they serve a variety of baked desserts, I tried their flourless chocolate cake and fell in love with its “melt-in-the-mouth” texture and rich flavour!!

Flourless Chocolate Cake at Cha Bar
Flourless Chocolate Cake


Cupcakes at Cha Bar
Everyone’s favourite : Cupcakes


muffins at cha bar
The good old muffins!


Red Velvet at Cha Bar
The much talked about – Red Velvet


To sum up, go here for the mesmerizing tea and the beautiful teapots, the mouth-watering desserts, the friendly staff and make your everyday tea experience a lot more exciting!!

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The “Cha” experience just got way better! Courtesy Cha Bar at Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place!
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