Baked penne with chicken and mozarella at the Big Chill Cafe (Khan Market, Saket, Kailash Colony, Promanade Mall) or number 169 to be precise :p (Yes, I remember the number, I am that person!!)

Baked penne with chicken and mozarella

Penne tossed around with soft, fat pieces of chicken baked in mozarella cheese , oozing with yummy red sauce, I can swear by this dish.. the first thing I ever tried at Big Chill and continues to be my favourite for the past decade (or however long big chill has been a part of our lives), definitely the best they have to offer. Only try it out when you really have a growling tummy .. this dish is quite heavy but its totally worth it..

So whats your favourite at big chill?



The favourite dish at Big Chill Cafe!!
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