Drop a penny and make a wish… the only difference here is that the “wish” can only be a “dish” :p…

What follows now will be a list of recipes that I plan to conquer (call it “wishful thinking” if you may.. but the whole point of this challenge is to rise up from the “same old” and “be bold”.. okay that was lame.. enough with the rhymes!!)… Here goes..

 1. Mushroom Risotto : Check 

mushroom risotto


2. Kung-pao Chicken: Check

kung pao chicken


3. Tres Leches (3 milk) Cake

4. Chicken Lasagna

5. Home made pizza base: Check

pizza with homemade pizza base


6. Waffles

7. Chicken Steak: Check

chicken steak in black pepper sauce


8. Home baked bread: Check

focaccia bread


9. Red velvet cupcakes: Check

red velvet cupcakes


10. Chocolate mint cookies: Check

chocolate mint cookies


11. Chicken dumplings

12. Classic fish and chips

13. Nasi goreng (Indoensian fried rice): Check

nasi goreng and chicken in oyster sauce


14. Doughnuts

15. Toblerone cheese cake: Check

toblerone cheesecake


16. Home made ice cream

17. Ravioli: Check

Chicken and mushroom ravioli in redsauce


18. Quesadilla: Check

veg quesadilla


19. Chocolate scones

20. Macarons


I will keep adding to these .. and yes.. I am definitely open to suggestions (but yeah, please bear in mind .. this is not the Masterchef challenge.. just my own tiny world of cooking :))

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