The food scene in Delhi is more active now than ever (hey, don’t believe me, just look at the number of restaurant databases and table booking options available these days). Every now and then, a new cuisine pops into the picture and more often than not, people react quite positively towards it.

The Delhi foodies now have the option of choosing from various new categories of international food such as Turkish, Mediterranean, Tex-Mex, Indonesian and European. The restaurateurs have even gone experimental on introducing new Indian cuisines such as Nepalese/ Tibetan, Goan and even Kashmiri.

And then there are the bakeries, do not underestimate their powers, they are the “hot topic” of the day (and definitely will be for the days and years to come), from homebakers to interesting storefronts, from designer cakes to the tiniest drops of heaven (Cupcakes, cookies, macarons etc.) , you name a dessert from any corner of the world and I doubt you will face a hard time finding these treats in Delhi.

Well, to add to further confusion (or hopefully, some clarity), in this section, I provide you with restaurant reviews based on my personal experiences. After all, since it is “all things yummy”, ergo it should include everything yummy!!! :p

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