Dancing on great music.. drinking 1+1 free (happy hours till 10 PM) .. eating tasty treats.. what more does one want from a night out?

I have been to this place on multiple occasions before as well… and it has managed to stay the same.. apart from the name change ofcourse!! A great plus.. the place now has valet parking.. makes life a lot easier.

Ambience: typical rock setting… with posters of rock idols sprawled across the walls, an open bar , high chair seating and a small area next to the DJ for your dancing pleasures (however, the dance scene here is more “start hopping wherever you feel like it”)

It is advisable to reach this place slightly early (around 8ish) to ensure that you get a space to plonk yourself (this does not apply if you are headed there on a Monday/Tuesday night for obvious reasons)

Food: This is one of the few places that manages to serve delicious good quality food despite the focus of most of its customers being more on the drinks and the music.
For starters.. try the chilli chicken and the chicken spring rolls .. absolutely amazing. On my veg days, I go with the vegetables salt and pepper. I would advise against trying the dimsums. For main course, go for the thai curry or any of their chinese main dishes (they serve the typical indianized chinese.. my personal favourite!)

Drinks: The classics obviously remain the same.. I would strictly advise against trying the “half moon” unless you drink liquor just to get a horrible hit or genuinely like the taste of super strong drinks (note: even my whisky drinking friends, irked after sipping this one). Their addition of the peach schnapps to the “sex on the beach” makes this typical girly drink even yummier.

Staff: The staff is friendly and courteous, but you do have to shout and wave for their attention thanks to the blaring music and the crowd.

All in all, if you are the type who likes to let go completely to the music and enjoy a few good drinks .. this could be your weekly hangout place. Non-drinkers/non-music lovers may not really enjoy this place and write it off as loud and tiring.

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