The best eating out experiences always take place at our regular joints. But, eager and intrigued as the foodie in us is, we set out to take the plunge and try a new place every now and then.

So, on a given Sunday, fixated on exploring a place I have not tried out before, and after having read and heard enough, I paid a visit to “Buddha Bar” (or “B Bar” as it is commonly referred to). The origins of this chain lie in Paris, and it is said to maintain a set pattern in its ambience in the branches across the world.

The approach to B Bar is pretty exclusive, considering it has its own lift lobby at the select citywalk mall parking and they provide their guests with free valet (ofcourse you have to pay your regular parking charge :p). Set on the top most floor, it has a grand appeal that hits you as soon as you enter. Needless to say, they have a Buddha statue, and the look and feel of the place is very surreal, right from the round shaped bar plonked in the centre to the sparkling chandeliers hanging from the tall ceilings.

B Bar
The bar with the hanging chandeliers!


The seating is divided into the lounge and dining area (the only difference being that they serve main course only at the dining area).

Getting to the food, I would not rave much about it, this is definitely not one place you visit for the eating experience, not saying that it was bad on any account, but the majority of your money’s worth spent at this place lies in the experience of it all! Also, this place has an enormous variety of sushi on its menu, which we did not get around to trying, so if you are a sushi fan, this is your heaven!

Our order:

– Crispy chicken wings with thai ginger sauce: Usually, when I read the words chicken wings on a menu, I instantly picture succulent bony pieces of chicken, but this one is boneless. A very basic and signature dish done beautifully and all points go to the perfect batter that coated the chicken.

– Yakitori chicken: This is one for the spice lovers, soft chicken pieces on a stick coated with soy sauce and lots of red chili flakes. Good to taste but did not play much of a note on my tastebuds.

– Devil chicken with angry sauce: The problem with their main course poultry was that they have only one gravy dish i.e “thai curry”. We went with the devil chicken, which in my opinion, tasted a lot like a thai version of chicken tikka, nevertheless, the chicken was of great quality and can be eaten as a starter as well (it was meant to be a bit saucy, but the dish that was served to us was completely dry).

– Vegetarian fried rice: Another Indianized version of a pan-asian dish, not that I am complaining, I absolutely loved this dish and frankly, it was the highlight of our meal.

Their portions are pretty small, we ordered 2 plates of rice between the two of us, and I did not leave this place on a full stomach.

I am sure most of you are aware that one has to dig deep into their pockets for a meal at B Bar, but just to be clear, a meal for two costed us INR 5,000 with one alcoholic beverage each. Nevertheless, I would still recommend that you visit this place atleast once, perhaps on a special occasion?



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