I have been here on some previous occasions but those experiences mostly involved eating a few bites off other people’s plates :p, so that doesn’t really count.

What Chili’s offers: a great mix of American and Mexican food, a fun ambience, quick service and a very large serving size.

Foodie to foodie advice: Go here with a completely or relatively empty stomach, most of the menu items are either fried or dipped in cheese or both :p, however, if you exercise patience and look closely you will definitely find relatively healthy food items.

Ahem.. tempted already?


What we ordered:

– Classic Nachos with Fajita┬áChicken: Everything you want in your nachos and more. The fajita chicken is so soft that it melts right into the Nachos and subsequently in your mouth :p

– Quesadilla Explosion Salad: I know what you are thinking, who goes to a “tex-mex” restaurant and orders a salad?, but this dish was probably the best part of our meal, the flavours are strong and evenly spread out and even the cottage cheese makes perfect sense :). The best part of the dish though, are the cheese quesadilla wedges, sure they add a few calories to this otherwise healthy dish, but its totally worth it!

– Chicken Club Tacos: This was a dish individually ordered by me, I was not really in the mood to stuff my face with “All things fried” and this was the only grilled option that appealed to me. Chili’s definitely serves some superior quality tortillas, the filling inside the tacos was also perfectly balanced (although I could not really taste the bacon that was mentioned in the description). Having said that, I am sure there are better options to choose from in their vast menu.

My only issue with this place are the glass windows/ walls, I don’t know about anyone else, but I really do not appreciate all the people at the mall watching me while I stuff my face with food.

In a nutshell, go to Chili’s to gorge on some sinful and delicious food! Happy hogging!!


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