Every family has their one favourite Chinese restaurant, which is the chosen destination for majority of the family dinners. “China Garden” is undoubtably the go-to place for all my family dinners, and we don’t just go there out of habit, our million (ok I am exaggerating but they are definitely close to 50 :p) visits to this restaurant are completely attributable to their impeccable service, consistency in taste and the vast variety of delectable dishes.

In my many visits spread over the past few years, I can not recall even a single bad or below average experience at this restaurant, and a special mention must be made for the staff, they explain each and every dish on the menu in great detail and are more than happy to customize or spruce up a dish for you as per your taste. Infact, so great is their customer service, that even as I was writing this review, I got a call from the restaurant enquiring about my dining experience last night.

Although, each dish here is a must try but I am listing down some of my favourites for you, I am apologising in advance for the limited number of pictures (I am usually so busy devouring the food at this restaurant that I somehow get lost in it :p)

1. Crispy Schezwan Chicken: A deep fried chicken dish coated with some amazing spicy schezwan sauce.

2. Santung Vegetables: Their version of the crispy vegetables cooked with wok-tossed spring onions.

3. Sapo Chicken or Fish: This is definitely the best main course dish at this restaurant, I love the way its served on a flaming dish. Beware, this is only recommended for those with a spicy tastebud.

4. Hakka Chicken: Although it forms part of their main course menu, but it happens to be a dry dish, it has the right mix of pepper and chilly and its cooked to perfection.

5. Ginger fried rice: I would usually not give this one a special mention coz the general premise is that the rice/noodles are just add-ons or support dishes in a chinese meal. This one is definitely an exception to the rule, the quality of rice served at China Garden are so rich and tasty that it takes your dining experience to another level, and the flavour of ginger is omnipresent in this particular dish.

6. Vegetables in yellow/black bean sauce: For the veggie lovers, this one is an excellent option.


China Garden
Ginger fried rice and hakka chicken


This review will not be complete without mentioning the divine Chocolate mousse served at this restaurant (I believe it is supplied from an external source), no matter how satisfied you may be feeling after a meal here, you must must order this dessert (preferable with a scoop of vanilla icecream or some whipped cream)!!!







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