Kitsch.. a low-brow style of mass-produced art or design using popular or cultural icons (Source: Wikipedia), well the decor certainly agrees with the name.. Walls, a light shade of grey coupled with the dim lighting makes this place perfect for a cozy dinner, and the colorful pieces of decor make up for the lack of color in the walls!!

Decor at Diva Kitsch
The walls at Diva Kitsch, decorated with miniatures of popular board games inserted into the walls, random colorful bottles and farm animals!!


A disclaimer though, this place is meant for only those looking for an authentic experience, and there are limited options for the strictly chicken eating population, for the seafood lovers though, it’s a breath of fresh air! The menu is a very carefully constructed one, each dish different from the other.. having been here on 2 different occasions, I have managed to try my hands at many of their offerings:


1. Crystal dumplings: The gooey and soft version of the regular dumplings available in some unusual fillings:

Prawn and japanese ginger: Two of my favorites wrapped in a super soft dumpling! If you appreciate the flavour of ginger, this one is a must-try!!

Prawn dumplings at Diva Kitsch
Prawn and japanese ginger crystal dumplings


Barbeque chicken: Tiny pieces of barbecued chicken is what you will find inside this one, doesn’t really give you any reason to complain, but if it comes down to choosing one, I would definitely recommend the prawn dumplings!!

chicken dumplings at diva kitsch
Barbeque chicken crystal dumplings


2. Chicken satay : This is diva’s take on this classic starter, served with a delicious chilli jam which tasted just like the red thai curry sauce, and is really the reason that this dish worked for me!!

Chicken satay at Diva Kitsch
Chicken satay, “Diva” style!


3. Classic tempura: The classic chinese grilled vegetables, just like you would expect them to be!

classic tempura at diva kitsch
Classic tempura


Main Course:

1. Chicken Schnitzel: The classic fried chicken served with some delectable fries, a great option for all those who like to keep it safe!!

chicken schnitzel at diva kitsch
Chicken Schnitzel drizzled with apricot chilli salsa and served with salt and pepper potatoes


2. Blackened Chicken breast with a light black bean sauce, mash and greens: Diva’s version of the chicken in black bean sauce, definitely one of the healthier options on the menu, the chicken is grilled to perfection and I love the Pakchoy they serve with their grilled dishes (it’s a great add-on for all the veggie lovers), the only glitch, they do not mention the high proportion of mustard sauce this dish contains in the menu description, it is so strong that it even creeps into the potato mash!! But if you are a fan of mustard (which I am clearly not!!) , then you will totally love this one!!

Chicken breast at Diva kitsch
Blackened Chicken breast


3. Tom yum marinated grilled prawns : The only prawn dish on the main course menu, the serving was a bit small but the quality of the prawns and the flavours in the dish more than made up for it!!

Grilled prawns at diva kitsch
Tom yum marinated grilled prawns


4. Chilli caramel flavoured red snapper: This was definitely the best dish on their menu, club this with some garlic and red chilli flat noodles on the side and you don’t need anything else to make your meal complete!!

Red snapper at diva kitsch
Red snapper


flat noodles at diva kitsch
Garlic and red chilli flat noodles


A few things to note:

– Make a reservation: even though this place is fairly new, it is usually booked!

– They do not have a liquor license yet, even though they have a pretty fancy bar!!




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