So the term downstairs is used very literally by the owners, coz the restaurant itself is called “Zo” , but it is divided into 2 floors, and the basement area is called “Downstairs at Zo‘”

We went here on an open mic night organized by Cheese monkey mafia, if you haven’t checked out any of the events organized by this company, check out their FB page and definitely go for one of their upcoming performances,

The restaurant falls into the “treasure quest” category of Hauz Khas Village (HKV) , but is not as tough to find as some of the others, you just have to go deep inside the Ogaan lane and some signboards will guide you to “Zo”.

Downstairs at zo gives you the same feeling as that of lazing around at a friends place, it consists of only one or two tables and the rest of the area is low seating with bean bags and couches!!

Cutting to the chase, the food menu at Zo is extremely limited in terms of choices and the portions are fairly small! We nearly ordered half of the starters menu :p

1. Shish Taouk: This dish seems to be served at every restaurant in HKV, not that I am complaining, you can not go wrong with this one and special credit goes to Zo for the delicious dip!

2. Hummus bi lahm: The dish was great but there was nothing too spicy about it (as mentioned in the menu)!

Hummus bi Lahm
Hummus bi Lahm: Minced lamb served with hummus and pita


3. Bruschetta: This one was a real disappointment, the topping seemed stale and the whole bruschetta was cold instead of just the topping.

Bruschetta, with toppings of tomato, mushroom, artichoke and tomato basil.


I personally feel that we should have gone with pizzas or the pastas for main course as they looked much more promising, but anyway here’s what we tried:

1. Dajaajah Tajine: There was nothing Moroccan about this dish, it really felt like eating some kind of a chicken curry at an Indian restaurant, definitely would not recommend this one. But I must give them full points for their food presentation!!


Dajaajah Tajine at zo hauz khas village
Dajaajah Tajine , boneless chicken cooked in moroccan herbs!


2. Grilled Rainbow Trout: This dish was definitely the highlight of the evening, it had the right mix of lemon which helped disguise the mustard taste (I personally am not a fan of mustard) and the fish was also soft and well cooked. The grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes also helped save the other main course dish we ordered (above).

Grilled Rainbow Trout at zo, hauz khas village
Grilled Rainbow Trout, lemony fish served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables


To sum up, head to Zo for a fun and relaxed night out with friends, and if you choose right, you will end up having some pretty decent food as well!!



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