What do you do on a day when your family is on a vegetarian diet and you are still in the mood to go out and dine at a spectacular place? You do exactly what mine did a few months back, go and explore what the kitchen at Dum Pukht has to offer you!

The ambience will take you back in time and give you a sort of a “mughal era” feeling without making you forget that you are sitting at a classy five star hotel restaurant.

The occasion was my mom’s birthday and I happen to be one of those people who usually refuse to eat out on a vegetarian day but I was completely proved wrong by the magical dishes at “Dum Pukht”.

The Mirch Baigan ka salan and gucchi pulao probably have to be the 2 best dishes ever invented for vegetarians in Mughlai/Indian food (or maybe it is just the way they make it at “Dum pukht”). These dishes will actually leave you licking your fingers (even though the place is too fancy for you to really do that).

Mirch baigan ka salan:Ā One can never imagine that a dish that includes the word “Baigan” can be this delicious. Cheesy, soft and full of flavour, they have definitely upgraded the status of the Baigan šŸ˜€

– Gucchi Pulao:Ā If you are a mushroom person, you haveee to try this one!! Full of fragrance and the mushroom effect in every bite, can be combined with almost any gravy dish, or better still, try it unaccompanied by any other dish!

gucchi pulao
A sneak peek!


– The daal, ofcourse, is the ever-so-famous one served at Bukhara.

These 3 dishes combined with the breads of your choice, is enough to keep your mouth watering and your tummy yearning for the next few months!!

I simply can not wait to devour their non-vegetarian treats!



After a few long months, I finally got to try my hands at the delicious palette of non-vegetarian food “Dum Pukht” has to offer:

1. KakoriĀ kabab, one of the best I have ever tasted, so soft it melts right in your mouth, served with sheermal, an absolute must have!

kakori kabab at dum pukht
Kakori kabab, sheermal and the lotus stem kabab


2. Another vegetarian delight that I discovered at this trip is the lotus stem kabab (don’t remember the menu name), it tastes a lot like the haryali kebab and is perfectly grilled and served with the navratna chutney (slightly sweet but delicious nevertheless)!

3. So Dum Pukht does not serve spicy food, but thats only because the flavours in their food are so rich that they do not need any spices to cover it up! Case in point, the Chicken Korma, the rich flavours of the gravy combined with super soft chicken is a combination made in heaven!

4. Just typing out the name of this mouthwatering dish has taken me into a parallel dream world of food, the “dum pukht biryani” is by far the best biryani I have tasted, there is something magical about the texture of rice they serve (just like the ones served in the Guchi pulao) , and the soft pieces of mutton just add to the divine experience! Go here just for this dish, if nothing else!

dum pukht biryani
I could not get a better picture as I dove into this dish as soon as it arrived!!


5. Last but not the least, we tried the gulab flavoured kheer, and although I am not a fan of this dessert, my family thought it was “just perfect” and it definitely looked tempting, even to me!

Rose flavoured kheer at Dum Pukht
Gulaab ki kheer!


The only speck of disappointment in this perfect dinner were the aloo kulchas, I expected them to have some flavour or seasoning of their own, but the dal makhani more than made up for it!

Aloo Kulcha and Dal Makhani at dum pukht
Aloo Kulcha and Dal Makhani


To sum it up, if you haven’t been here yet, you are seriously missing out on something!!

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