Probably one of the easiest restaurants to find at Hauz khas village, and if you have been to this place enough number of times, you know what I am talking about!! Looking for a restaurant in HKV has turned into a sort of a treasure quest, it seems like there is not an inch of land left where one can peacefully stand without being shoved with some sort of a restaurant flyer!

Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate the place or the restaurants, but I definitely hate all the nuisance around it! While I could bore you all with all the negatives, I know that nothing I will say will make this place any less popular or stop anyone from going here (and that includes me! :P)

Getting back to Fat Ninja, this place is definitely easy to find but no fun to climb, its 4 stories up (it may have been 3, but it really didn’t seem to end, I felt like I may actually get to meet Rapunzel or Princess Fiona at the end of the climb ;)). The place is divided into 2 sections, an open space with a view (even if its of the villagy roads, hey, its a view!) and something they like to refer to as the “glasshouse”, for obvious reasons.

We went on a friday night and thats when they have their band performances, at the level below the glasshouse, but the only place where you can sit and enjoy a meal close to the band is at the bar, and I for one do not like to eat my meals hanging from a bar stool!! So we chose to sit inside the glasshouse, which did not have the most comfortable seating either, but it did have some music of its own playing, which I quite enjoyed!

Fat Ninja
Inside the glasshouse!


Coming to the food, their menu seemed to have quite a few dishes borrowed from Side wok, however, they did maintain the quality to quite an extent.


– Beijing chicken: soft chicken coated with spices. Highly recommended.

– Ninja crispy chicken: A “Fat ninja” special, sort of a chinese version of the chicken nuggets, a little dry, but the chilli garlic sauce saved the day.

– Vegetarian spring rolls: One of the best spring rolls I have had so far, the right mix of soft and crispy with the perfect flavour on the vegetables.

– Crispy conjee lamb: This one was pretty disappointing, for starters, it was cold, and even when we got it reheated, the lamb still tasted pretty chewy and it was too sweet as opposed to spicy.


Main course:

Well, after the elaborate order of starters (this was all shared between two people, and Fat Ninja, just like its name, is pretty generous in the quantity of food served per dish), the main course order consisted only of 2 dishes:

– Chicken with black pepper sauce: Your typical indianized chinese dish, try it if you are a pepper fan.

– Veg fried rice: What can I say, you can’t really go wrong with this one!


To sum up, one of the better restaurants in HKV, if food is where your priorities lie, in terms of experience, I guess the outside seating would be a better bet than the glasshouse, but only on a good weather day!!


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