The first thing that struck me about this place was its name “Guppy”, mostly a name you would hear in Indian households for little kids :p, but google tells me it is referred to some sort of fish in Japan.

Anyway, the cuteness of its name definitely extends to the decor as well, Guppy’s ambience is a cozy one full of different colored walls, some decorated with wallpapers and some covered with unusual concepts!

Guppy by AI
Heart pattern wallpaper on the “Guppy” walls


Guppy by Ai
Check out the telephone handle extended to form a water outlet resembling a shower/ fountain!


The other refreshing thing about this place is the location, it is located in the less populated main market of Lodhi Road, which is away from the hustle bustle of the usual markets that many popular restaurants are set in!

The restaurant is divided into the lounge and the dining area, the only difference being the seating style (the place is yet to get a liquor license). We chose to sit in the lounge, and here is what we ordered:

1. Spicy Salmon Special Roll : Since its a japanese place, one must try out the Sushi, and even though I am not a “Sushi” person, I must say it was a pretty good one, the right amount of spicy accompanied by some splendid sauces!

Sushi at Guppy
Spicy Salmon Special Roll at “Guppy”


2. Prawn Gyoza: Guppy’s version of fried prawn dumplings, every bit as tasty as the description promises it to be, and the chilli ponzu soy sauce served alongwith really intensifies the flavours!

Prawn Gyoza at Guppy
Prawn Gyoza at Guppy


3. Garlic fried rice with prawn: The two starters were enough to considerably bring down our appetite for the main course, so we only ordered the garlic fried rice with prawn and some chilli sauce on the side. The rice had bits of fried egg as well, and even though the dish was a dry one, the flavor and the chilly sauce did not make it feel incomplete.

Fried rice with prawns at Guppy
Fried rice with prawns at Guppy


My only complaint was that the menu seemed to be a limited in terms of options, however, the next time around I will try to be here for Lunch, the “Guppy set lunches” seem to be a bit fascinating!

A meal for two with the above items and a beverage each on the side cost us about INR 3,000.


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