I have crossed this place about a dozen times (merely coz its the only way out of the DT Saket hall), the decor definitely seemed quirky and inviting, especially the gigantic real life truck that is placed in the open area of the restaurant, but honestly, I am not one to go around experimenting with Indian food! I usually stick to the tried and tested such as Dum Pukht or Moti Mahal (for butter chicken, ofcourse!). So on a fine Thursday evening, I got the chance to experience what “Dhaba by Claridges” has to offer courtesy #foodtalkindia.

I guess most people would be aware about (even if not by first hand experience) the original restaurant situated at the Claridges which has been running for close to 30 years now, I have visited it myself only once a few years back and I can not recall anything negative about my experience at the time. Anyway, the management decided to take the Dhaba all over the city with the first opening in DLF Saket and another one in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. The difference (as claimed by the management) is that you get the same food at less than half the price and an ambience that is more fitted to the younger generation which ordinarily does not like to venture out and dip their hands and faces in butter chicken or the likes!!

We  started off with some drinks and small bites at the outside area, this is the most interesting part of the restaurant in terms of decor with bollywood posters, a live truck, and a blast of colors all around! First up, was the welcome drink, an amazingly pure and divine drink called “Ganne ka ras” (this is just what you need on a hot summer day!) Then came the small bites (these are only available at the restaurant and not at the original “Dhaba” in the hotel), the bun omelette is what I tried and it genuinely felt like something that came from a typical dhaba’s kitchen! 😛 I loved the concept and the mix of desi flavours in the omelette, so much so that this is soon going to be a regular feature on my breakfast table 🙂


Dhaba by claridges bites
Bun omelettes and Vada paos (“Dhaba” bites)


Next up, they organised a “Tharra” making competition for all the Food Talk India guests, this was only my second time making a cocktail and the result was a spicy tasting cocktail which felt like an alcoholic form of  “gol gappa” water (more on this in another post!)


Tharra at dhaba by claridges
We called this one “phool aur mirch ka tadka” 😛


Getting to the most important part of the evening, “Dinner”, it contained of 3 starters and 3 main course dishes:


1. Bhune Aloo: Yes, I am starting with the vegetarian dish. I do not know if this would be something a lot of people would like to order, but I am big on “potatoes” and they managed to coat them fairly well with a mixture of sweet and salty flavours!

2. Tawa Mutton: This place is a must visit for all the mutton lovers, each and every mutton dish here is delectable, they serve probably the softest mutton I have tasted. The tawa mutton had a slight gravy and was one of those dishes that take you for a trip to the world of flavours without involving too much spice in the journey.

Tawa mutton at Dhaba by Claridges
Tawa mutton


3. Galoti Kabab: I am personally used to a different version of Galouti which is more spicy and a lot softer, not saying that it was bad, but I would not go here for the Galouti.

Main course:

1. Daal Dhaba: Just like you can judge a book by its cover, you can review an Indian restaurant by the quality of its black daal. The “daal dhaba” gives you everything you want and more 🙂

2. Dhaba Raan: I could eat at this restaurant a 100 times just for this dish, it is prepared after some 5-6 hours of slow cooking, and I can assure you, you can taste the amount of effort that has gone into this dish just with your first bite. MUST MUST TRY!!

Dhaba Raan at dhaba by claridges
“Dhaba Raan”: not the best picture but I was too busy waiting to feast on it!


3. Balti Meat: Sadly I did not taste this dish, but it is one of the popular dishes on the menu so I can safely say its worth a try!! It is served in an adorable little bucket (true dhaba style!!)


So if you are crossing this place anytime soon, don’t wait as long as I did, just go inside and grab a bite!!


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