Imperfecto? not even close to it!! This place on the contrary, is quite perfect!! Very few places make you feel this comfortable from the moment you step in, it gives you the feeling of having entered an exceptionally large dining area of some gigantic but homely mansion!! Spread on two floors (one of which also contains outside seating), the ambience is perfect for pretty much anything, a romantic dinner, a cozy family outing or a fun night with friends!!


The seating at the upper level!! This is where we dined!


P.s. the spiral staircase connecting the two floors really adds to the “mansion” effect!


Outside seating at Imperfecto!


And the at-home feeling extends way beyond the ambience, the staff at Imperfecto goes out of the way to make your experience memorable, and I have one such experience to narrate, this was the highlight of our meal at Imperfecto:

It happened to be my friends birthday on the night we went, and since it was pretty obvious (with the birthday cake and all :p), the owner (a really sweet middle-aged man) specially came down to our table and sang her the birthday song (the hindi one at that too!!), ate cake with us and even put some on my friends face :p, we were all supremely touched by this gesture!! and wait, it didn’t end there, he even got her yellow lillies!! Well ,even if this was a great marketing technique to impress the customers, all I can say is that it worked!!

In terms of food, we ordered only one thing, the pepperoni pizza, but they did a splendid job on it!! And a special mention for their drinks, we tried the Appletini, Sangria and Cosmopolitan and they were outstanding (best cocktails ever!!) !! And I am not even a Sangria person!!

Considering we spent only close to an hour at this place, I would say the experience was way above my expectations, and I would definitely be updating this post soon after trying out more items on their menu!!


And as promised, here it is, last night was my second visit to Imperfecto and they managed to provide me with an even better experience this time around!!

We experimented a lot more with the food this time:

For starters we had the grilled fish and fish and chips, however, both of these dishes can be treated as main course as well! The fish was soft and cooked to perfection and the accompanying sauces were also a pure delight!! However, even though I am a potato freak, I could not care much for the chips, they were a bit too oily for my taste!!

Grilled fish at Imperfecto hauz khas village
Grilled fish


Fish and chips at Imperfecto Hauz khas village
Fish and chips


For main course, it was pizza again, this time, the “all chicken pizza”, wood fired and a perfect combination of flavours!!

And again, I must quote another wonderful gesture made by the staff at Imperfecto, this time around, it was their chef: She goes around all tables for a mini-tasting session and offers you delicious treats in the sweetest manner possible (it is almost impossible to say no to her), she made us taste the mushroom risotto, even a bite of this one was heavenly and it is definitely on my wishlist for the next time I visit!!

Imperfecto is slowly turning into one of my favourite restaurants and for all the right reasons!!  🙂


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