Everyone has numerous memories, countless college days and a crazy deal of stories attached to this place.

This place is a few decades old, I remember frequenting it few times every week during my college days. At that time, it was set up in the back-lanes of Khan market, there was no seating space, just a counter from which you would pick up either chicken, mutton or paneer rolls. The quality has always been splendid, and even though it was one of those typical corner roll shops, the level of hygiene and cleanliness was something you could take for granted. 

All rolls used to be given in neatly wrapped toffee shaped foil packaging (see image below)

khan chacha rolls

Till date, I go back here only for the rolls (the mutton seekh being the classic favourite) and the ammaaazing chicken tikka, although, the menu has been upgraded to include items like biryani, mutton korma and Kulfi faluda. The rates have gone up a bit since it has turned into a sit-down place, but the food is definitely worth the few extra bucks.

The ambience is similar to that of most cafes in Khan market, friendly and comfortable, however, on busy days you may not find seating. Also, it has a self-service counter but they have an efficient system (you know the typical digital screens showing your order no seen in the pic below) and you usually don’t end up waiting for over 15 minutes for your food (unless you are one of those hungry souls who have ordered every item on the menu!!),

khan chacha seating

Its one of the few rolls/kebabs place that has maintained the taste of the food offered. You dont go here once, coz you can stop by anytime.

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