Just when it felt like all the new bars and clubs in Delhi only seem to find empty space in the malls to set shop, Delhi gets a new hangout spot set in a somewhat unusual location, Monkey bar or “Mobar” as it is now known.. (though this is not a first attempt, the same spot was earlier occupied by the “Ministry of Sound (MOS)”)..

To me it is certainly refreshing to visit a standalone bar with a vallet parking option, but that’s as far as convenience goes with Monkey bar, it tends to get super crowded (especially on a weekend night) and you have to go through a 5 step process before you actually get a table:

Standing randomly, getting a spot at the bar, getting seating at the bar, small table, big table!! (you may not necessarily go through all the steps and be stuck at the bar all night :p) The bright side is that you can order food at any stage !!

When you first enter this place, it seems like a cross between TC  (now known as 100% Rock) and Strikers/ Underdoggs (thanks to the pool and foosball table) with some monkey themed stuff thrown in, the crowd is also a bit of a mixed bag, you see people from all parts of Delhi and spanning across all age groups…

Having said that, there is a reason Monkey Bar is overbooked or atleast full on most nights, a huge space, comfort music, some interesting items on the food menu, and an affordable drinking experience makes for a fun environment to let loose with friends!!

Getting to the interesting food items:


1. Goan chorizo and Sausage fried rice: I have ordered this dish on both my visits to this place, it is a refreshing take on the fried rice and I personally love the generous quantity of fried sausage chunks!!

2. Bombay vada pav: Yes I know it seems like an unusual choice for a starter, but if you are a fan of the vada pav, they make a pretty good version of it!

3. Butterfly Chicken: This is quite a popular choice among the regular visitors of Monkey Bar, it’s not very different from most other stir fried chicken starters served across restaurants in Delhi, apart from the fact that it is presented in a butterfly shape (the quantity of this starter, and most others at Monkey Bar, is disappointingly low, but then again, the prices aren’t high either)

4. Burgers: Go for the Mobar burger or Rooster booster, the quantity is more than satisfactory and I love the little flasky containers they serve the fries in!!

5. Shaami sliders: Cute little buns filled with mutton shaami, eat them while they are still hot 🙂

Apart from the above, I have also tried the pepper chicken and chubby mushrooms, but I definitely will not recommend these!!


This place is definitely worth a visit, but whether you will love it or not is very subjective to your idea of a fun night out!!



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