I decided to take a break from writing reviews, considering there are plenty of those to read these days, not that I am against it (the more the no. of foodies out there, the better), but as a sign of respect to the effort that goes into making a restaurant (or any kind of eating joint) work, I refrain from writing any kind of negative reviews. The “What is Delhi eating” section is a dedication to my fun and yum encounters with food and a hope to be able to help out other foodies in those desperate moments when they are confused on what to order.  So after a long break, I decided  (or was rather forced by my taste buds) to write about Ploof, having been here thrice and having experienced food heaven each time. My decision to write is also attributable to the fact that I hardly see this place being discussed on any of the food forums (that’s probably why these people are able to concentrate on their real work i.e. making great food)

Located in Lodi Road (the lesser known cousin of Meherchand Market).. Ploof is a quaint, dimly lit Deli with minimal and classy decor. This place has offered me one of those rare dining experiences, where every dish I have ordered has been delectable.

Enough said, getting straight to it:

1. Penne Au Gratin Spinach: The main highlight of all their dishes are the enhanced flavours and the spinach pasta is no exception, this dish  is solely dependent on the spinach flavour to tickle your tastebuds and it succeeds at all levels and more.

Ploof lodi road delhi
Penne Au Gratin Spinach


2. Prawnography: The name has some pun intended but this dish means some serious business. It is a stuffed prawn dish served on a bed of spaghetti. It is not super rich in quantity but its a seafood lovers delight.

3. Vietnamese grilled chicken skewers: This is the only chicken starter on their menu, I wish they had more options, however this dish never disappoints (I have ordered it on all my 3 visits), chicken skewers brushed with a great lemon grass dressing, who’s complaining?

4. Bruschetta: The simple and safe dish to order anywhere, and what makes it better here that it is served with 2 different toppings, mushrooms and tomatoes, so you can pick, choose and share 🙂

Bruschetta at Ploof


5. Red Snapper in Thai herbs: Succulent fish brushed with thai herbs (my guess is it’s the same as the dressing used on the Vietnamese grilled chicken), served on the bed of some of the freshest grilled vegetables (another great thing about Ploof), there is also some couscous on the side but I am not a fan so I ignored it.

Red Snapper in Thai Herbs at Ploof
Red Snapper in Thai Herbs


6. Chicken Basilico: The name is derived from the oodles of basil that is used in preparing this dish! Rich in flavour, soft in texture and generous in quantity.. the perfect chicken dish. Served with a spinach and corn based side.

Chicken Basilico at ploof
Chicken Basilico


Among desserts, I have only tried the french caramel tarte and completely fell in love with it.. if you are a fan of green apple.. try the Green Apple Cooler but be warned that it can give you quite the sugar rush!!

Don’t give this one a miss!!

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