I know I am a bit too late in exploring this place, but when it comes to nightclubs I don’t really belong to the category of people that are seen flocking around the place at its opening day (or frankly, anytime soon after that as well).

So, here we were, at one of the popular party places in Delhi, and since I have been to “Shiro” in Bombay as well, I instantly recognized the similarity in the ambience. The whole place had a sort of a “red eye” effect (especially when it turns into a proper night club at 11.30 PM, all the movable furniture is cleared out to make way for all the dancing :D), all you see is flashing red lights, kind of giving you the feeling that you are inebriated even if you have not had much to drink! If you are here for dinner, you get the pleasure of being seated on their comfy couch seating tables or the regular ones and enjoying a good meal (more on that later!), and there is always the option of hanging out at the bar, which is pretty elaborate in size and can fit a large number of people.

Shiro bar
The Bar!


Any description of their ambience is incomplete without the mention of the insanely tall statues of what seems to be an angel of some sort, planted on the two ends of the club facing each other.

shiro statues
The statues, now you see what I am talking about!


My favourite part though, was the tiny splashes of water that sprinkled on my face courtesy the water pools surrounding the statues, and since my seat was adjacent to the fountain, I had all my fun :D.


Enough talk, here is what we ordered (all this food was ordered for 3 people with an above average appetite, their portions are a decent size):

– Prawn tempura: Absolutely perfect and soft prawns coated with a tempura batter which is just as crunchy you expect it to be.

– Buldak chicken: A different appetizer and definitely some great chicken, but stay away if you are not a “spice” freak.

– Cheese rolls: Yummmm, just thinking about them even now is making my stomach yearn for them. The feta cheese has the perfect “melt in your mouth” effect, combine this with your favourite drink and you will definitely achieve what I refer to as a “food high”.

– Chicken and asparagus with ginger lemon sauce: This actually happens to be a part of the main course menu, however, we ordered it as a starter, the chicken is soft to taste in the beginning but it leaves a chewy effect in your mouth towards the end and I for one, could not taste the “ginger lemon” flavour.

Considering our extensive appetizer order, we ordered only two dishes for main course:

– Chicken in red thai curry: Perfect coconuty flavour, and the right amount of spice coupled with some really soft chicken, what’s not to like?

– Garlic fried rice: I happen to be “big on rice” and can mostly even eat them as it is. But I can’t say the same for this dish, it was a bit sticky and the garlic flavour was unevenly spread (so you would end up getting chunks of garlic in your mouth at certain points). The thai curry totally saved the rice!

For the drinks:

– I had the “green apple mojito” (don’t remember the exact name in the menu), this was a great drink but I prefer a higher proportion of the “green apple” in my drink.

– My friend had the apple cinnamon martini, the classic appletini infused with cinnamon giving it a sort of a “syrup” like taste, if you are a fan of “red bull”, you will enjoy this one!

All in all, for a place known to be a “party spot”, the food was definitely above my expectations (3.6/5)

And needless to say, the music was great, falling in the category of “typical house music” (we went on a Saturday night), but there were some technical snags and the music went off for a while twice (the second time around, we left!).

In short, “highly recommended” for both the “foodie” and the “party person” in you!!


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