If I had to say it in one sentence.. “You will never ever be disappointed with your experience at Side Wok!”.
This place has many things to boast about, an elaborate menu, great service and an impeccable track record in terms of consistency in taste. One of the best parts about Sidewok is that it provides you with quality food which is at par with restaurants such as Mainland Chinas / China garden at a very competitive price.

The ambience at Side Wok is also well executed, with a red and black theme which tends to give you a whole Chinatown like feel.


side wok
The red and black themed ambience!


I could go on and on about the positives about this place, but when it comes to Sidewok, the only topic that requires an in-depth discussion is their FOOD!! There is nothing on their menu that I would not recommend, it all comes down to your personal preference!

Starting from the start :p

1. Kothe chicken dumplings: Even though momos/ dumplings are usually something one tends to gobble up walking around in markets, but you have to try the ones at Sidewok.

2. Manchow soup: You will not find this one on the menu, but it is a real treat, club this with Kothe chicken dumplings to experience divine food intervention!!

Chicken manchow soup at Side wok
Chicken manchow soup


3. Crispy vegetable pepper and salt: Just like at most other restaurants, this dish is a real winner!

4. Chicken spring rolls: Chunks of chicken and vegetable coated with a super crispy layer of wrapping, it is surprising how many people assume that spring rolls is a safe item to order, not everyone gets them right but ofcourse, that will never happen at Side Wok!

Chicken spring rolls at Side Wok
Chicken spring rolls


5. Beijing chicken: Yummmm. Just the thought of these makes my tummy grumble. One of the best chinese starters I have ever tasted. Spicy, soft and fragrant!

6. Chicken aniseed: Although I am not a fan of sweet tasting chinese food but if you are, this is a must try!


Main course:

1. Slice chicken angel: A perfect spicy chicken main course!

2. Sliced fish in thai chilly sauce: Another spicy dish with a twist of thai ingredients, but beware it has very limited amount of gravy!

Sliced fish in thai chilly sauce at Side Wok
Sliced fish in thai chilly sauce


3. Ginger chilly garlic fried rice: No matter what you order, this has to be one of your side dishes.

4. Pan-fried noodles: Probably one of the best in Delhi.


Sidewok is one of those universally loved restaurants, and I can say it with great amount of certainty, that noone goes here just once!!

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