If its Sunday brunch/breakfast, you have to head to diners (provided you find seating ). My suggestion, go there slightly early, (between 8-9) or a little late (post 12) and you will definitely find a place.

The black-and-white checkered floors, the “dancing elvis guitar playing” and “monroe signature pose” miniature clocks hanging on the bar (though they never tell the right time :p) , the booth-style seating, the posters of “all things retro”, and the 70’s music , I absolutely love and adore everything about this place. The place has also has the option of outside seating (great on winter mornings).

all amercian diner

Set in one of the best locations of south/central delhi, the India Habitat Centre (full of lush-green gardens and architectural beauty), you must take a walk after your meal to digest the increasingly satisfying portions of food you will eat at the diner.

Coming to the point, Fooddd.. the omelettes here are to die for, it also gives you the option of “make your own omelette” with an incredible list of toppings.


Sunrise skillet all american diner

Also available, many combo options such as the sunrise skillet (above) , a mix of eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes and cheese (what’s not to like? )

If you’re a strict veggie, try the baked hash and corn.

You just can not ( I mean it!!) leave this place without taking a dig at the pancakes or waffles.

Shakes shakes shakes… vanilla malt (classic) , 1001 dalmations (I can visit this place over and over again just to have this drink, an awesome mix of chocolate and orange with chocolate flakes floating on top). I assure you that you will not be disappointed with any of the desserts/shakes/coffees at this place.

If you are going here for lunch/dinner, stick to the american food (the chicken steak, hotdogs or burgers would be your best bet), the pasta is not their speciality.

Added to all of the above awesome points, the staff is courteous and you will easily find parking (and you don’t even have to pay for it).

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