As soon as you start climbing up the stairs to this cafe tucked in the backlanes of one of Delhi’s popular restaurant hubs, “Khan Market”, you realise “hey! I have been here before!” The Blue Door Cafe has taken a lot more than just location from its erstwhile incumbent, Mrs. Kaur’s crepes, the layout and seating plan remain the same and so does the menu, to a large extent!

Not that its a bad thing, Mrs. Kaurs crepes was one of the few places serving good breakfast in Delhi, and I think most people would be familiar with their desserts!

The ambience is friendly and so is the staff, but neither makes a lasting impression so I will jump straight to the food, here is what we ordered:

1. Barbe-cued chicken wings:  A classic starter served in almost all cafes, the chicken was fried to perfection, but it was covered in a sweet barbecue sauce and since I am not a fan of sweet tasting savoury food, this one did not go down well with me!

Chicken wings at blue door cafe
Barbe-cued chicken wings!


2. The Blue door cafe boasts of a wide variety of options when it comes to crepes so we decided to give it a try. We ordered the Crepe Le Coq (a mix of mushroom and chicken in a white cheese sauce), and I have to say I was highly disappointed, the crepe was very chewy and I could taste the dough, as for the filling, it had nice flavours but definitely needed to be more creamy!

Crepes at the blue door cafe
Crepe le COQ


3. Last but definitely not the least, we ordered a simple Arrabiata pasta, “Arrabiata de pollo“, it is a bit tough to go wrong with this and they did not, this dish saved the day/ meal.

Penne arrabiata at blue door cafe
Arrabiata de pollo


Although their waffles smelled great, but after the food experience I was not left with much of an appetite for dessert, hopefully my next time here would be a lot more satisfactory considering they have a pretty massive menu that includes some interesting dishes!

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