I happen to be a big fan of Parsi food.. alright alright.. I have only ever eaten it at one restaurant over and over, Britannia in Bombay, but the meal at Britannia forms an integral part of all my bombay trips, “Berry Pulao” being the highlight of the meal!! So obviously it goes without saying that I have been dying to explore the menu at Soda bottle opener wala ever since it opened its doors in Delhi, errr. sorry Gurgaon!! The good news is that it happens to be located at the “best thing that happened to Gurgaon” .. Cyber Hub!!

Soda bottle openerwala is one of the first restaurants you will cross while entering Cyber Hub (if you are approaching it via the cyber city parking lot) and its quite likely that the name itself will catch your attention.

The decor is simple and cozy with some cute parsi decorations sprawling the walls and other areas, but you don’t visit this place to gaze at the walls do you? you go here for the simple love of FOOD!! So let’s get straight to it…


1. Bacon and Keema Macaroni: The irani twist to the spaghetti bolognese, a delectable mix of delicious keema (note : this place has the best keema I have ever eaten, we ordered some 3 keema based dishes and were literally fighting for the last bite) and bacon (now who doesn’t like bacon?) combined with the pasta we have all grown up eating , macaroni :). Oh and I forgot to say.. cheeseeeeee!!!

Keema and bacon macaroni at soda bottle openerwala
Keema and bacon macaroni!! nom nom nom…


2. Chicken Sausage: I know most people would not think of ordering this starter/ side order as it is not a speciality here, but I would seriously urge you to try it, simply coz this is probably the softest chicken you will ever taste 🙂


Chicken sausages at Soda bottle openerwala
Chicken sausages.. I can still feel them melt in my mouth!!


3. Kheema Pav:  You just can’t leave soda bottle openerwala without digging into this dish (yeah you can’t just eat this one) , I already said this place serves the best keema ever, and I will say it again and again!! oh and again!! 😀


Kheema Pav at Soda bottle openerwala
Kheema Pav!!


4. Patra ni Machi: In the entire meal, this was the only disappointment, two of my friends did not eat this one after the first bite. I did not mind it much coz the fish was of great quality but it could definitely do a lot better with some more flavour added to it!


Main Course:

Although, you can’t really differentiate much, so I have just categorized the dishes as per how we ate them, you can very well order all the stuff we ate for starters and consider it to be Dinner 🙂 (we are just a bunch of pigs..)

1. Chicken berry pulao: My favourite type of rice dish after biryani!! I have only ever eaten it at Britannia and the one at soda bottle is equally good if not better.

Chicken berry pulao at soda bottle openerwala
Chicken berry pulao .. the stuff heaven is made of!


2. Sali Ma Marghi: All you punjabis kindly do not try to translate this one in your language :P, in Parsi, it probably means “yummmmm”. We had the mutton version of this and as expected, it was a perfect concoction of all those flavours that one eats parsi food for, and this is a great dish to pair up with the Berry Pulao.

Sali Ma Ghosht at soda bottle openerwala
Sali Ma Ghosht


3. Kheema Baida Roti: Yes, another keema dish, for me personally it was a little too rich but for all those who love stuffed rotis and paranthas, one portion of these will definitely make your meal.


Kheema baida roti at soda bottle openerwala
Kheema baida roti


The next time I am going here I am going to be stuffing my face with the goan sausage pav and the Kolmi fry. My only complaint, please add some more dishes to this mouth-watering menu!!


P.s. They have a “Khade Chammach ki Chai” on their menu which is free of charge if you can drink it up (fair warning though, it is all sugar)


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